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About Bobbie Wimsett 

 Bobbie has ministered in the United States, Africa, S.E. Asia, Mexico, and the Philippines.  As commissioned in Luke 4:18, she teaches the message of healing the broken hearted, deliverance to the captive, and works with the local church to reach the lost, and to feed and clothe the poor.                            

To be part of a ministry team to help further the work of the Kingdom to the people of the Philippines,  please contact Walk Free Ministries.

Bobbie Wimsett
Office:   918-341-8344

Having known Ms. Bobbie Wimsett and having observed her ministry and character for over 20 years, it is my pleasure to write this reference letter to recommend her ministry.
Bobbie is a graduate of Lifechanger Ministry Training Center and has served in this local church for many years. She is a powerful Minister of the gospel and her particular gifts and calling uniquely qualify her to minister in the area of "soul-care." She has been very successful setting people free from all types of bondages and strongholds. Her effective ministry extends to those here in the United States and internationally.
Ministering out of a clear understanding of Biblical authority and submission, Bobbie has demonstrated an ability to work with pastors and leaders of various denominational and cultural backgrounds.
As a teacher and minister of the Word and Spirit, I am confident that Bobbie will be a great blessing to any church or person to whom she ministers.
It is my joy to commend Bobbie Wimsett to you and the grace of God. Please feel free to call if you have any questions. 

 Reference Letter:

Gary Brownlow, PhD, Fire and Rain Ministries,

Burleson, Texas

With great honor and without and reservation, I recommend the ministry of Bobbie Wimsett.
Bobbie and I grew up together and went to elementary school in White Deer, Texas. We reconnected, by divine appointment, three years ago.

Bobbie is a graduate of Life Changer Ministry Training in Claremore, Oklahoma and President and of Walk Free Ministries. She served many years in her home church in Claremore, Oklahoma and maintains close ties with them still.

Bobbie's heart is to see people not only saved and going to heaven, but to understand how to appropriate and maintain the blessings and benenfits and to walk daily in the liberty and freedom that was purchased at the cross. Having ministered myself for more than thirty years, I know of no one more dedicated and focused on building the Kingdom of God than Bobbie.

Bobbie ministers only from the written word of God and the counsel of the Holy Spirit. In addition, she brings a unique background of hands on experience in many scattered corners of the world. The result is an attendant anointing and authority that is extraordinary.

On August 3, 2013. Bobbie and I ministered together at my home church in Burleson, Texas. The conference was a great success, and the people keep asking me when she is coming back. I urge anyone who has the opportunity to be blessed by her ministry and the grace and call that is upon her life.
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